The Traditional Palada Pradaman

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The Traditional Palada Pradaman


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  • In Kerala Cuisine, we have several payasam, but the royalty is the Palada Payasam.
  • We make it in the traditional way which is laborious and time consuming, starting from making rice ada from scratch for each batch.
  • Making Rice ada is called “Ada Aniyal” where these are made with unakkalari (raw rice with bran) , sugar and coconut oil and spreaded over banana leaves and cooked.
  • Ada pradhaman is one of the traditional and mouth watering prime dessert of Kerala.
  • Sadya is incomplete without palada pradaman
  • The pinkish colour consistency is made with long four hours  in uruli with milk,sugar and rice ada, till the milk get thickens and changes its colour to pinkish shade .
  • For each batches of palada we make rice ada inhouse,  with raw rice (unakkalari)
  •  Its traditional called ” ila aniyal “



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