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Tastejet Special Malabar Dum Biriyani

Malabar Dum Biriyani is popular for its unique aroma and the taste that generates from the variety rice named ” Jeerakashala ” or “Vasana Kaima” where the rice itself have a very soothing aroma.
It have a unique blend of spices as another contributor to give tempting flavour for the biriyani.
Unlike other recipes , Tastejet Biriyani does not add any curry powders, all spices are freshly added and only green chillies are used.

The whole recipe is made in pure Ghee and the chicken is cooked in the yummy gravy ,The preparation is also a bit different , the whole biriyani gets ready only in 2 hours of time . The richness of ghee flavor any how doesn’t make anyone to stop eating it, instead we don’t feel to stop eating, the chicken will be tenderly soft, the mint – coriander proportion gives a pleasant aroma and the rice is perfectly cooked without the sticky oil feel.

Do try out Tastejet Biriyani , currently available for all bulk orders from minimal 50 numbers count.